OTP (OrderToProduce)

When a otp order is placed you will get an email with the customer channel link sent to you, by joining the channel you will be updated on news/order status of the process from making and shipping your order.

The second time payment is solely based on the shipping of the placed order. The price is vary on the given location usually Economy shipping $15 and for international is $25, Second time payment will be sent to you when the placed order is ready to ship.

Order Information

Since otp is a pre-order service the delivery after placing an order is high, the reason why is because we produce our items from the first release to newest, so please understand that the current production might not be what you've ordered at the given time, that's why being in the private channel is important because we announce when we start production on our releases. and for customer service, In most case that's the reason that affects delivery estimation.

By visiting our contact us page below or send us a text using our live support chat by clicking on the icon on the bottom right on the website. Will gladly help you with any questions relating to Orders, and more info on otp, Oder Modifications, Shipping, Returns, & Cancellations.

Product Information

Lots of energy goes behind each designs, each designs are made to standout and the main goal is that you find these products bringing more positivity in your life, and hope that it elevates your life story in anyway you see fit.

Yes, all the colors correctly show through the photos.


You are eligible for a refund guarantee for the first 15 days upon placing an order with us, for more info feel free to contact us with your order number.